Walk-In Shower in Avon Lake, OH

Walk-In Shower in Avon Lake, OH

Bath Depot completed a new Walk-In Shower in Avon Lake, OH. Mike and his wife, Sally, have been living in their Avon Lake home since the day it was built approximately 23 years ago. Like many developments and communities that pop up, many of the finishes throughout the property were builder-grade materials that at the time were much better than having to deal with any big renovation or construction project. However, over the years with more and more homes being built and planted throughout the area, Mike and Sally found comfort being one of the first residents in the community, further solidifying their desire to stay. They had long considered revamping some of the home’s spaces, such as flooring, bathrooms, and windows. Like many homeowners, other priorities simply rose on the list and several projects fell to the backburner. It was an unfortunate accident, one day, that would turn the desire to renovate their existing wet space into a need. Mike had taken a stumble that had knocked the shower door off its track beyond repair. With uncertainty on how to fix or remedy the situation in the immediate sense, they decided it was a perfect time to consider revamping the entire wet space.

One afternoon while taking a drive, Mike and Sally passed the Bath Depot-Cleveland showroom headquarters while running other errands and decided to pop in to see what the business was all about! It was that very same day their decided to move forward with having an expert Project Manager visit their home, and ultimately, propelling them to execute on the design. Bath Depot was extremely happy to be able to assist Mike and Sally with their first major home project of this kind of magnitude. “Flooring, carpet, or painting, are pretty easy fixes. You just swap one out for the other, really. We can’t thank Bath Depot enough for helping us through this process and providing such a comfortable environment”, noted Sally. As Mike recalled the experience, “with our age, and the life stage(s) we find ourselves in, all of this tech stuff coupled with all of the nuances in material and design, it’s hard for folks like us, I feel, to decipher what we like versus what we need. Bath Depot really helped us with everything and we look forward to recommending their company to fellow residents and friends.”

Photos of Walk-In Shower in Avon Lake, OH

Highlights and Benefits of Walk-In Shower in Avon Lake, OH

• Complete Down-to-the-Studs Demo w/ Mold+Mildew Treatment
• Quick Turnaround, Convenient 2 Day Installation Completion
• Scratch-Resistant, Easy to Clean, & Anti-Slip Surfaces
• Free Service & Complete Life of the Home, Transferable Warranty

“Our new walk-in shower is so much bigger and cleaner! It feels like there is so much more elbow room and any reservations we had about accessibility were quickly remedied with the addition of great safety features. We kept our design pretty simple, but the small details such as the frosted glass door, faux subway tile, and shower seat, truly make our space a big improvement!!”
Mike & Sally Julian, Homeowners