Bathtub To Shower Conversion Painesville, OH

Bathtub To Shower Conversion Painesville, OH

Bath Depot recently completed a project for a new client, involving a much needed bathtub to shower conversion for the client. For years, the Prichards weren’t sure that they’d ever have or feel the need to update their wet space from a traditional bathtub to a safer, more accessible walk-in shower. Curiosity, above all else, ignited the flame for Mrs. Prichard, after seeing an advertisement in a local newspaper displaying an installation by Bath Depot-Cleveland! As Mrs. Prichard recalled, she had picked up her phone immediately and started researching the local company from Westlake, OH. From a physical standpoint, the Prichards weren’t sure if they’d ever be ready to leave the tub days behind them. They had grown accustomed to the size and functionality of the existing space; where toiletries were kept and what spots were slippery, what to grab onto if they got into a precarious position; and even though it was a weekly chore, they had found a routine with a schedule of who’s turn it was to get on their hands and knees to scrub, scrub, scrub. All of these things did the same to the Prichards, the same it does to so many others when faced with a critical decision for the future. What will happen or what will change, how will our lives be impacted? Will I miss it and want to go back? Will it be better for us? For others? What triggered most for Mrs. Prichard was seeing all of the 5 Star Reviews and Customer Testimonials. There were so many others in similar situations like her and Mr. Prichard. She recalled being fascinated and overwhelmed by all of the people sharing how much they love their new space and how easy it is to clean and take care of! With their young, spry days behind them, the Prichards longed for the same story that so many before them experienced. They wanted those safety features and ample room for accessibility! They wanted more time with each other, and to crumple up that cleaning schedule! But more than anything else, they desired a space that would breathe more life into their home; a space that was bright, modern, and that so many will love to utilize over the next lifetime. And now they have it!

Bathtub To Shower Conversion Project Description

JACUZZI Walk-In Shower System
• WALL SURROUND: Left Wall, Right Wall, & Back Wall
• PLUMBING FIXTURES: Jacuzzi Vazia Head w/ Hand Held (Brushed Nickel)
• PRAIRIE SHELVING: Middle Right & Middle Left
• ACCESSORIES: Nile Recessed Soap Dish, 24” Grab Bar, Prairie Seat
• SHOWER DOOR: Semi-Framed, Clear Glass, Nickel Frame

Highlights and Benefits from the Project

• Complete Down-to-the-Studs Demo
• Treatment of Mold, Mildew, & Rotten Wood
• Anti-Microbial, Easy to Clean Surfaces
• Complete Life of the Home Warranty

“We are so very pleased and happy with the product and service provided by Bath Depot! Our installers, project manager, and follow-up representative were all fantastic. From start to finish, all were incredibly respectful and conscientious of our property and needs. Everyone from beginning to end provided great salesmanship and exuded high professionalism and passion for their field.”

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